Mercer Park is a great park with an awesome playland, baseball diamonds, and an aquatic center. It’s a little bit of a drive from our house in North Liberty but it’s worth the trip for their ENORMOUS playground. Click here for more info.

Iowa City residents can also use the city’s three splash pads. They’re free to use, too.


At Mercer Park, you’ll find a huge playground with a giant play structure, baseball fields, and other sports facilities. Located just east of the busy Sycamore Mall, this park is a great place to let the kids burn off energy.

It’s a little far to travel for North Liberty and Coralville residents, but it’s worth it for those who love this pool and the other activities the park has to offer. Some people at the city council meeting argued that closing Lee would make the city less accessible to the entire community.

The draft plan calls for moving aquatic programs to a warm water, medium to shallow depth pool at Mercer. This change would free up space at the existing City Park pool for recreational swimming and lap lanes.

Water Aerobics

With water aerobics, the body can burn calories and strengthen muscles in a workout that is easier on joints than exercises performed on land. It also helps strengthen bones and improve balance, while easing back pain.

Exercises in warm water create a natural buoyancy effect, which reduces the stress on the body’s weight-bearing joints. This is especially beneficial for those with arthritic knees or hips.

Classes are typically held in a heated therapy pool, which is a comfortable temperature for those with joint problems. Many classes are taught by certified instructors and can include a warm-up, cardio, and strength-training exercises. Most classes are an hour long and are often set to music. Classes are open to adults of all fitness levels. Classes are free for Iowa City residents and $10 for non-residents. A great place to also visit is The Iowa Children’s Museum.

Lap Swim

Located close to the Sycamore Mall, this is a great park with a huge modern fire truck play structure and lots of free space for kids to burn energy. It’s a bit of a drive for those in the north Liberty/Corcorville area but well worth it for the awesome park.

The draft recommendations for the city’s recreation facilities include adding a warm water pool at Mercer Park Aquatic Center and renovating City Park Pool, among other things. They are part of the city’s Gather Here Recreation Master Plan.

But the proposed changes could also close Lee’s pool, reduce lap swim lanes at Mercer, and make City Park less attractive to recreational swimmers. Residents have raised concerns about these potential effects during public comments at council meetings and in a letter to the city.

Scanlon Gym

The Scanlon Gym at Mercer Park is a great indoor play space for kids. This facility features a pool, indoor gymnasium, and game room. This is a fun place for kids to burn off energy and make new friends.

The Iowa City Parks and Recreation Department is proposing a warm water pool at Mercer Park to replace the 58-year-old City Park pool, which has been closed since 2015. Director Juli Seydell Johnson says City Park is a “destination for lap swimmers,” while most exercise and recreational swimmers go to Mercer.

Chad Dyson joined the Iowa City Parks and Recreation Department in 2010. He oversees operations for the Robert A. Lee Community Recreation Center, Mercer Park Aquatic Center/Scanlon Gym, and the City Park Pool. He has over 18 years of management experience in public parks and recreation.

Tot Time

Mercer Park Aquatic Center & Scanlon Gym host Tot Time, a low-cost indoor play program during weekday mornings. Toddlers ages 2-5 can wear themselves out with tricycles, inflatable castles, tumbling mats, and basketball hoops for just $1.

On Wednesdays, the Procter & Gamble Room is available to offer an adaptive and inclusive option in addition to the traditional Tot Time. This allows individuals with sensory sensitivity to participate in this popular activity without being overwhelmed.

Iowa City is a college town, but there are plenty of options for families with kids of all ages. Check out our favorites, including CHOMP for quick and reliable food delivery from Iowa City restaurants! Mercer Park is also home to the Corridor’s favorite baby/toddler store, Sweet Feet Yoga. Continue reading the next article.



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