If you are a dog lover, this off-leash park is the place to go. It is spacious and has a large main area with a pond. It also has a separate section for small dogs and training.

The Linder Tire Service Small Dog Yard and a separate spot called Emma’s Run are designated for dogs with shoulders less than 18 inches. The largest area, Lucky Pawz Playground, has paved paths and shelters. Get more info.

Dogs of all shapes and sizes

Located at the west end of Foster Road, Thornberry Off-Leash Dog Park has 11 acres that are divided into different sections for different dog needs. These include The Linder Tire Small Dog Yard, Emma’s Run, Lucky Pawz Playground, and Lily’s Pond. There are also paved paths and shelters throughout the park.

The pond at Thornberry Dog Park is ideal for dogs that love to swim and splash around. The water is fenced off so dogs can swim safely. The park is also home to a dog playground and training area.

The dog parks in Iowa City are a great way to get some exercise with your pup. Many local restaurants also have pet-friendly patios, such as Big Grove Brewery. Just make sure to bring your furry friends vaccinated and licensed tags, as these are required to enter the dog parks.

Dogs love the pond

This is one of the largest off-leash dog parks in Iowa City, with sections for small dogs, large dogs, and agility training. It also has a pond for swimming and a dock for dogs who like to jump off. The park is double-gated and has biodegradable bags for waste, as well as water fountains and garbage receptacles.

Its wooded trails offer a more natural environment, ideal for dogs who enjoy exploring new smells. The open fields provide ample room for high-energy play and are great for socializing with other dogs.

This is a must-visit park for dog owners. Bring poop bags, and be sure to have your dogs vaccinated, spayed or neutered. This park is located just eight miles from North Liberty and offers a variety of amenities, including a pond for swimming and a doggy playground. Discover More about Iowa City here.

Dogs love the water

This large off-leash dog park features three separate sections, one for small dogs, another for large dogs, and an agility course park. It also has a pond that is about 15 feet deep, perfect for dogs who love to swim or splash around.

The pond is a popular attraction for many dogs, and the park is also home to wooded trails. The trails are an important feature of the park, as they allow dogs to run freely while staying safe.

Iowa City’s dog parks are more than open spaces—they’re vibrant communities where pet owners can socialize with their dogs. Tools like the Fi Smart Collar make these parks even more accessible for pets and their owners, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a healthy, happy experience.

Dogs love the training area

This dog park has a lot to offer. It has a separate area for small dogs and training, as well as a pond for doggie swimming. There are also paved paths and several covered shelters. In addition, the facility offers eco-friendly poop bags.

If you are looking for a dog park near you, you should check out the Thornberry Dog Park in Iowa City. It has 3 fenced areas: the Linder Tire Small Dog Yard, Lucky Pawz Playground, and Emma’s Run Training and Agility area. In addition, it has a 15-foot deep pond that is open during the summer.

Bring water and doggy bags with you to this puptastic dog park. It’s also a great place to stroll along the Iowa River Trail. And if you get hungry after your walk, head to Red’s Alehouse, a casual bar that welcomes pets.

Dogs love the shelters

The dog park has four separate sections and includes paved paths. It is one of two off-leash dog parks in Iowa City. The other is Rita’s Ranch.

During this week’s Party in the Park, dogs will enjoy tennis balls and treats while humans will get to do activities like dog-toy crafting and squirt-gun watercolor painting. The event is part of the City of Iowa City’s summer-long series of weekly parties at different locations.

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